lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

  1. Stop violence against women.
  2. No more violence against women.
  3. Against violence against women.
  4. Break the silence, on women’s violence.
  5. End violence to women NOW.
  6. Some men break more than their girlfriends’ hearts.
  7. What part of NO don’t you understand?
  8. Ask, listen, respect.
  9. Men are not born violent, men learn to be violent.
  10. Men: Be proud to be non-violent.
  11. Real men don’t hit.
  12. Zero tolerance on violence against women.
  13. Women rights are human rights.
  14. It´s time to talk.
  15. Heroes don’t hit.
  16. He beat her 150 times. She only got flowers once.
  17. Stop the cycle of violence.
  18. Some men break more than their girlfriends’ heart.
  19. Domestic violence. Break the silence.
  20. For many women, home is a prison.
  21. For some women, make-up is a necessity, not vanity or a pleasure.
  22. Real strength is in the mind, not in the fist.
  23. Affects those you love.
  24. Say no to gender based violence.
  25. Stop all violence against women.
  26. Human rights for all.
  27. Against violence on women.
  28. End violence against women.
  29. Violence against women is not acceptable.
  30. Violence against women is a crime.
  31. Don´t turn your back on women.

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